Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia created her eponymous jewelry brand in 2011, after her BA in Architecture and a coursework in Gemology at IGI Antwerp. Her designer background is perceptible through her creative approach and research for inspiration as well as her technical skills. Fascinated by different subjects and with a passionate and keen vision, she is a storyteller with a poetic yet clean expression.

Contemporary taste, geometric details and research of materials are the DNA of GMB brand. Jewels with unmistakable style and sophisticated character, born from stylistic contrast and rock-pop inspirations, combined with a deep knowledge of design. Each piece develops from unique and unconventional choices, where creative inspiration arrives in stylistic juxtapositions between details sourced from, travels, architecture, art and everyday life.

The aim of Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia is to create the perfect fusion between the high luxury and tradition of “Made in Italy”craftmanship and an ecletic contemporary aesthetic.