Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia pursuit of her passion for jewelry design and goldsmithing After Her BA In Architecture And A Coursework In Gemology At IGI Antwerp.

As jewelry designer her first approach was focused on the creation of jewelry, mainly piece unique. Experimentation makes her choose unusual materials. Carbon fibre, titanium and resin mixed with colored stones and diamonds her Eponymous Jewelry Brand was Launched In 2013, the same year she was invited to display her works at the US Embassy in Rome and in St. Petersburg.

In 2014, after being selected at Who Is On Next - the famous project by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia - she started her journey in the world of fashion, gaining the appreciation of the press, as well as of national and international celebs.

 Her Designer Background Is Perceptible Through Her Creative Approach And Research For Inspiration As Well As Her Technical Skills. Fascinated By Different Subjects And With A Passionate And Keen Vision, She Is A Storyteller With A Poetic Yet Clean Expression.



Searching For Absolute Beauty, Studying Proportions And Aesthetic Canons: Technique Puts Emotions In Order And Gives Life To Valuable, Authentic Objects. 

Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia Tells A Story Of Suggestions, Condensing Feelings Through The Creation Of Jewels With A Precise, Strong Soul. Shape And Inspiration Are Revised Through Cleanness And Synthesis. Harmony And Change Explore Femininity Through A Perpetual Motion. An icosahedron is her symbol and a messenger of beauty, harmony, creativity and order. The choice of a geometrical figure reveals the architectural and artistic background of Giuliana’s brand style.

The Creative Process Simplifies Complex Ideas, Reworks Visual Inspirations, And Experiments Shapes With A Peculiar, Contemporary Design. Her Jewels Have A Confident, Long-Lasting Fascination That Goes Beyond Time, Conveying Suggestions And Speaking New Languages.

 Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia has been part of the exhibitions " Il nuovo Vocabolario della moda italiana" which took place at Triennale di Milano and "Gioielli alla moda" at Palazzo Reale of Milan. In 2016 she created an exclusive collection for Luisa Via Roma. In 2019 the “fine collection” became part of Giuliana Bonafaccia brand.